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The Alexander Technique might be just what you are looking for. Commonly known as an intervention for back pain, or neck pain, the technique also provides a highly applicable method of stress relief for modern living. Whether you are interested in Alexander lessons as a way to manage or prevent pain, better your performance or simply to improve your posture, you are in the right place. Learning the Alexander Technique In London is a particularly good idea, as living and working in London provides a wealth of stimulating, interesting distractions which can influence the way you interact with the amazing city that surrounds you.

Hopefully, this site will help you to make a decision about whether the Alexander Technique can help you. It is rather likely that it can. If you can answer the following two questions with an emphatic “yes” then you can look forward to an eye opening, life affirming and hugely rewarding experience.

  • Have you tried numerous therapies/interventions as a solution which have not resolved your initial complaint?
  • Do you wish to take charge of your own situation and be responsible for your own development and/or relief from whatever is preventing you from living your life?


Quite often, people think that the Alexander Technique is a therapy in the traditional sense. This is not the case. Learning the technique is an active two-way process that involves a degree of dedication, a will to succeed and a determination to be rid of the habits which drag you down. The technique is learned over a period of lessons, ideally quite close together. Eventually, you will get to a point where you can apply the key fundamentals for yourself, regardless of the situation.

London Alexander Technique offers lessons from a STAT Qualified Teacher in Richmond, South West London.